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2013 IFAI Show in Orlando, Florida

“Most fantastic machine we have ever had”

Gerry, Specialty Trim

Grommets and Grommeting Machines

We have many types of setting machines available. Round or oval eyelets, large or small, we have machinery to set them all!

One operator using a Munro fully automatic machine produces more grommeted fabric daily than two operators using semi automatic machines, plus the Munro machine operator has additional time to perform other jobs within the same period.

Grommeting time is cut at least 50% in most applications, resulting in substantial labor cost reductions.

“After Hurricane Katrina, our shop floor was under 7 feet of water. When the floodwaters receded, we cleaned up our 16 FEI, and it worked like new. What a machine! “

Joel, Foster Corp., Chalmette, Louisiana

Grommet Fun

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